Film & TV Event Security & Logistics

Controlling vehicular and pedestrian traffic makes any event more successful. We offer both security staff and physical elements needed to control traffic. We can provide physical barriers and safety equipment such as orange cones, barricades, lighting, and related security equipment. Our style of presence, meaning dress and attitude, is designed to fit the occasion. Our security personnel can perform as an authoritative force, or congenial guest assistance staff.
We’re an event security company that does it all so that you can give it your all when it comes to running a successful event. Security Services of people mean that crime can more easily go unnoticed, but not on our watch! Unparalleled Security provides comprehensive event security for private parties of all sizes to make sure things go off at your important affair without a hitch. It is with great pleasure that I recommend Executive Event Services. I have used them exclusively for the past 11 years and I will continue to do so as long as possible.The management and ownership of EES has always displayed a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and ambition. They are leaders in the security community because of their attention to detail, their intelligent and articulate staff, and their willingness to help in any way.
Risk mitigation and emergency planning are core functions of Kroll’s Security Risk Management practice. While operating environments domestically and abroad are constantly evolving and increasingly unpredictable, Kroll’s expert security and crisis management team can help your organization plan for the unexpected. When an event is planned it must be ascertained if the venue requires a licence which will police alcohol being sold.
Life in Dubai is filled with conferences, sports events, private parties, night clubs, and business events. Such events bring people together and build a crowd that can turn into chaos if not properly managed. If a brawl breaks out, our guards are trained in the use of force, FBI arrest techniques and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Any offender will be promptly neutralized, cuffed and taken to the nearest law enforcement officer. Expert security guards will have the ability to both break up fights when they occur and to employ techniques to de-escalate verbal arguments before physical altercations can occur.
Our guards are trained and able to cover any area or position in need of a watchful eye, particularly entrances, bars, or anywhere identification is required for guests. Hiring security detail to handle ID check and guest list management will ensure that anyone who shouldn’t get through, won’t. AC Security Guards oversee the protection of business or company assets and properties.
ESG has experience in providing event staffing services for the NBA, WNBA, NFL, MLB, NCAA, Indy Racing League, NASCAR, as well as concerts, conventions, trade shows, theatrical productions, festivals and special events. With over 25 years of experience, Summit Services has become a highly reputable, worldwide security and staff provider for the special event industry. Summit Services has offices in Houston, San Antonio, San Diego, Denver, and Orlando. We are fully insured, bonded and licensed in California, Arizona, Colorado, Texas and Florida. We have unarmed security officers and trained and armed security officers, as well as 160 off-duty, part-time police officers on hand. If you’re unsure what security detail you might need, we can recommend options based on your needs.